A level study day at BFI in London

Last Thursday, A level Film Studies pupils braced themselves for the cold weather and travelled by rail to the British Film Institute in London for a study day focused on silent films from the 1920s.

Students explored how silent films were not really ‘silent’ but rather experimentations in sound and visuals using a range of new technology – we don’t often think about how new WWI war technology informed new technologies in the arts.  During the study day, the pupils learnt how the devastating impact of WWI particularly shaped artistic themes and ideas in Germany and Russia prompting film movements like realism, surrealism, constructivism and expressionism.

In the afternoon pupils were treated to the rare opportunity of watching the newly re-digitalised Buster Keaton film ‘The General’ (made in 1926) with live piano accompaniment.

Melanie Caiazza, Ph.D., Head of Film Studies and English teacher