Form 4 visit the Roman Museum

On Tuesday, Form 4 visited the Roman Museum in Canterbury. On arrival we walked down 20 stairs to the museum, each step representing 100 years that would take us back in time to life in Roman Canterbury.

We toured the museum looking at the exhibits and artefacts on display. The children were particularly interested in the story of the Bronze Age helmet which was adopted by St Edmund’s School in 2018. They pretended to eat a meal whilst reclining on the couches in the Roman Triclinium, spotted the dog paw prints that were left on a tile nearly 200 years ago and looked at the preserved mosaic hallway and underfloor hypocaust heating system.

The children also had an opportunity to investigate a range of Roman objects and consider who might have used them and decide what they might have been used for. They dressed up in Roman clothing and were all very excited to try on a heavy Lorica Segmentata and Galea.