Laser cutting with the Crickets

As part of their ‘Out of an egg’ topic, the Year 1 children headed over to the Design Technology department. Hamish’s dad Mr Anderson (who is one of the St Edmund’s DT teachers) has been working hard designing wooden cut out signs.

The children were fascinated to watch the laser cutter ‘burn’ and cut out shapes with their names on. The machine cleverly cut out a tiny figure of a bird and the children all used sandpaper to smooth the edges and surfaces ready to add a coloured paint. The children discovered that some wood have ‘knots’ in which make it difficult to use for laser cutting and also heat pressing. The children learnt that the machinery, including the heat press, can be used on different materials such as wood, paper and acrylic. The Crickets were intrigued by all the different hand tools in the workshop. There were some they recognised from tool boxes at home.

Mr Anderson has designed and made bird boxes that the Crickets can set up in ideal habitats around the school site to position. Hopefully during the spring, some birds will return and nest in them! Thank you very much Mr Anderson for teaching us so much about designing and making and the exciting tools that you use!