Photography field trip

On 14 February the Sixth Form photographers went to London to see two exhibitions on the photographers Diane Arbus and Don McCullin.

After a two and half hour coach journey we made it to our first stop, the Hayward Gallery, to visit the Diane Arbus exhibition. Diane Arbus was an American photographer. She captured the society of the 1960s by shooting ordinary children, couples, old people and families. Arbus also photographed the outcasts of American society in the 1960s including, strippers, dwarves and trans genders. It was really fascinating to see a glimpse into Arbus’s world through her photographs and to see her style develop throughout her career.

Later, we had lunch on the South Bank and took some photographs of the urban landscape, before we got back on the coach to go to the Tate Britain where we saw the Don McCullin exhibition.

Don McCullin is a well-known war photographer ‘shooting’ in Vietnam, Northern Ireland and Syria to name a few. McCullin also captures people in poverty, the lives of workers and intriguing landscapes of Somerset where he lives.  The exhibition showcases some of these photographs. It was really interesting to see McCullin’s experiences throughout his 60 years of photography and learn more about his mastery of the medium.

All in all, this was a fantastic trip and I would like to thank Miss Passmore and Mr Hodge for organising and taking us on this trip.

by Emily Collard, Lower Sixth pupil