Ski Trip 2019 – Blog

This weekend, 45 members of the St Edmund’s community travelled to Killington, Vermont for a week of skiing, après ski and socialising across all year groups. Killington is known in North America as “The Beast From the East” due to its perfect snow conditions and over 85 manicured pistes. We will be staying close by, in the historic Vermont town of Rutland.

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Saturday – update on arrival to UK

We regret that the return of the group to the UK has been delayed.  All parents will be updated via School Post email.


Overnight snow made for great skiing on our penultimate day in the most picturesque State of Vermont. Spring like conditions were tempered by gusting winds but all off the groups soon disappeared to all parts of Mount Killington with the confidence of seasoned skiers.

It has been a superb skiing venue and our experienced instructors have been most impressed with the rate at which the whole group have improved. Although an American holiday week, the USA experience of well groomed wide and varied slopes, slick lift operations and minimal queues has allowed our group to progress far quicker as a whole than perhaps the European option.

A quick change at 4.30 pm allowed for a quick shop in the historic town of Rutland, whilst others took the opportunity to swim, relax in the hot tubs, do a little packing and get ready for another hearty evening meal.  Afterwards we are heading off to the bowling alley and following a good night’s sleep we will have a final morning ski and evening flight back to the UK on Friday. 


“Today in the advanced group we skied lots of black runs and spent the majority of the morning in the jump parks which were amazing. At first it was challenging – I got a huge height on a jump but ended up landing in the snow face first… it was freezing!  Mr Stubbings progressed from the nursery slope to a blue run and managed to do it without splitting his salopettes.

This evening is ending with the one and only Mr Penn’s Bingo which everyone is excited for … and remember, a dollar is all you need!”

Bella Blair (Upper Fifth)

“I’m in the beginners group. I had never skied before and it seemed so hard but we got taught the main things and I found it really easy. We all fell over a few times but got back up again and carried on. On the second day they put us on one of the harder runs because we were all really good. The funniest moment on the trip was when we were on the harder slope and one of the pupils fell into the ditch and broke the fence, luckily he didn’t get hurt but we all laughed and one person in our group laughed so much they fell on the ground.

We’ve all got so many good memories already and can’t wait to make more.”

Toral Patel (Year 7)


A cold day did not mar what was a fantastic day for all. The novice skiers in the group progressed dramatically as they started the day at the top of the mountain. All the other groups made great progress skiing through the woods, moguls and sheds. After a short break and snack, the afternoon session saw the stronger skiers in the group express themselves in the fun park amidst the maple trees and silver birch.

The day was capped off with another exhilarating ride on the roller coaster, followed by a swim, jacuzzi, shopping and a tasty Mexican meal. It has been particularly pleasing to see how the various age groups of St Edmund’s pupils mix and look out for each other.  Exhausted the group fell into bed looking forward to the next day of non-stop adventure.


The sun was shining as we arose from our well deserved lay in this morning. A fairly early night last night meant that we were at breakfast bright and breezy and raring to go. After a feast of scrambled eggs, corn beef hash, bagels and cinnamon toast we arrived at the slopes of Killington ready to explore and traverse the Double Ripper, the Mousetrap, the Needleseye, the Dream Maker Head Wall, the Chopchop and the rather unfortunately named Concussion.

A quick stop for lunch and then we hit the slopes again. Our ski instructors have already commented on how polite St Edmund’s pupils are and how keen and enthusiastic they are with their lessons.

The Mountain Roller Coaster awaits us this evening, with individual sledges flying down the mountain on a single rail…I think there maybe some screaming!


Good Morning from Rutland.

After a great flight across the Atlantic we arrived in Boston, home of the Celtics, the Red Sox and a good place for a tea party. 

A lovely journey took us through the rolling hills and tree lit woodland villages of Vermont. A light snack then straight to bed after working the room numbers out. But there was no need for an early wake-up call at 7am as the excitement builds… for some, the American breakfast, for others, the ski slope!

So we are off to the slopes for our first day, as snow falls through the beautiful maple trees of this quaint area of the United States.