Fairtrade Fortnight in the Lower Junior School

Fairtrade Fortnight is always a very busy time in Lower Junior School.

The weekly Fairtrade Club has been running since January. This year this involved 13 children across Year 3,4,5 and 8! With this year’s theme focusing on Cocoa Farmers, we decided to create oversized cocoa pods from papier-mâché and to cover them with Fairtrade chocolate wrappers. To finish off this meaningful art project, each child created a leaf for the cocoa pods. We wrote facts we had learned or questions about cocoa onto the leaves. The cocoa pods look so delicious, wrapped up in golden tinfoil and patterned paper, depicting Ghanaian Adinkra Symbols.

Another annual event during Fairtrade Fortnight is the ‘The Fairtrade Carousel day’, which took place on Monday, 4th March, to kick of our celebrations. Children were organised in Houses and were involved in four activities throughout the day. This year each child became a craftsperson, creating recycled paper coasters (just like the ones you can find in the Traidcraft catalogue), wrote a ‘Wanted’ job advert, to recruit future cocoa farmers, created ‘From Bean to bar books’, explaining the process of how cocoa beans are made into chocolate and all the skills and knowledge that is involved and lastly, every child engaged in a ‘Geobox-Challenge’. For this, children worked in pairs to create ‘something new’ out of a Fairtrade Geobar box. The ideas were fantastic and varied with no support from adults at all.

We are proud of all the learning that has gone on during this day. Monty’s (Year 5) comment shows that raising awareness of these global issues is never too early.

“I usually eat chocolate so quickly and I now realise how much work is involved in making chocolate!”

Watch this space for more reports on our Fairtrade Fortnight activities.

Thank you to everyone who got involved!

Mrs Thyssen