Form 6 enjoy World Book Day

On World book day, Form 6 pupils came to school dressed as a character from a book – ready to take part in a World book day workshop. Jodi Hughes, who came as Gangsta Granny, said, ‘It was lots of fun seeing who everyone dressed up as.’ The children had clearly put a lot of effort into creating their characters’ costumes; they all looked amazing. George Blunt who chose to be Xar from ‘The Wizard of Once’ explained, ‘I read the book recently, and I admired the adventurous qualities of Xar.’

The children had to imagine they were on a ship without a captain, and prepare a persuasive speech outlining why their character should become the new captain. Many pupils had put a great deal of effort into planning their speeches at home, and this effort and enthusiasm continued throughout the morning. Pupils used their favourite novel to identify their characters’ attributes and show how these would be useful to a captain of a ship.

Later in the day, the Form 6 classes took it in turn to perform to the Lower School classes who listened very attentively to the speeches, and then chose the new captain. Joseph Gormley, as a very convincing Harry Potter, was the captain chosen in 6P, and George Gannon convinced the audience with his portrayal of Podkin from the novel ‘The Legend of Podkin One-ear’.

The day was enjoyed by all, and Year 6 must be congratulated on their ability to write a persuasive speech; their public speaking skills and their acting skills. Elizabeth Scholer said, ‘I really enjoyed the day because it was something I wouldn’t usually do,’ and Rhyd Lowe left the library planning what character he would be next year!