Pre-Prep Poetry Recital

The Pre-Prep enjoyed a week of poetry – reading, writing and sharing favourite poems with friends in their classroom and at home.  The Poetry Week finished with a splendid Poetry Recital in the Pre-Prep Hall, attended by all the children, lots and lots of parents, and teachers from the Junior School who had heard of the talents of these young children.

All the children (even the Honey Bees who are only 4 and 5 years old!) had learnt a poem to perform in front of their friends in the classroom.  Three children were chosen from each class to recite their poem at our Recital.

The first poems were from the Honey Bees: Laurence (age 4) with “Hey Diddle Diddle” which he performed with confidence and humour; Alice (age 4) with a charming recitation of “Miss Polly” and Max (age 5) who had learnt all three verses of “A Good Play” by Robert Louis Stevenson.  An impressive start to our afternoon of poetry!

The Crickets were represented by Arabella (age 5) who carefully recited “Our Spaceship”; Maria’s (age 6) animated performance of “In my Garden” and Nyan’s (age 5) very humorous “Tyrannosaurus Rex” poem.

The Dragonfly poets were Alice (age 6) with “My Big, Fat Cat” – a very clear and well-paced performance; Greta’s (age 7) melodious and expressive “Don’t Put Mustard in the Custard” and Charlotte’s (age 7) ambitious and extraordinary “Ozymandias” by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

What a wonderful variety of poems – a real reflection of the different styles and interests of the classes – an impressive feat from such young children.

As well as the individual recitations all the Pre-Prep children performed together in class poems with their friends.  The Dragonflies recited “From a Railway Carriage” by Robert Louis Stevenson; the Crickets performed “On the Ning Nang Nong” by Spike Milligan; the Honey Bees recited “The Rocket” and the Ladybirds (the Nursery) performed “The Squirrel”.  Three boys (Louis, Jamie and Niyam) also delighted us with their poem “The Snowball” which had the audience chuckling.

The Recital finished with Mr Pellet, Head of English in the Junior School, presenting all the children with certificates and then reading a poem “It Couldn’t Be Done” – very apt for our brave Pre-Prep children.

The high standard of recitation was remarkable, the children were articulate, confident and expressive – a wonderful introduction to public speaking. Well done Pre-Prep, what a splendid way to finish an enjoyable week of poetry.