Save the Oceans Underwater Experience

We are quite rightly being bombarded nowadays about saving our planet and above all the oceans in which we use to ‘dump and discard’ our daily rubbish!

It is done without a thought for the role they play in our existence or for the creatures that live within them or survive because of them.

This week the Junior School PE Department had the privilege to take our Lower School to experience a project established by the Kent Wildlife Trust, Saving our Oceans. The children were introduced to an underwater experience by being taught how to snorkel and swim with comfort, whilst answering a series of testing questions about the underwater part of our planet.

The great indoor swimming facility at Joy Lane Primary School, Whitstable, was our venue and the staff of The Kent Wildlife Trust delivered 3 sessions over 2 days. The pool was made into underwater ocean and without exception the children participated with enthusiasm and skill whilst showing an enquiring mind throughout. The periods of learning were interspersed with competitive snorkelling games which helped all to improve their confidence both on and under the water. They were a credit to the school.

It was a brilliant 2 days with 2 great lessons; conservation and water safety.

A donation of £250 was made to the Kent Wildlife Trust at the end of the sessions and the Junior School PE Department would like to thank everyone that contributed to the days success and beyond.