An exciting Onager competition

Form 4 excitedly took part in the annual Onager competition this week. They had been looking at Roman weapons and learnt about one of the most effective catapults known as the ‘Onager’ or ‘Kicking Donkey’. They designed and then built  their own models: measuring, sawing and combining a range of different materials. An opportunity to test and adapt their finished design was given before the competition.

The final was a tense occasion. Each child carefully lined up their Onager which had 2 throws of the missile down the Lower School corridor. The winning Onager, built by Juliette Matharu, propelled the missile a distance of 5 metres 40 cm. She was closely followed by Rohan Lowe (5m 37cm) and Hugo Wache (4m 5cm). Juliette reported that the secret to her success was that, “I twisted the elastic band so that the tension was really tight”.