Junior School Cross Curricular Week for Form 5 & 6

While many form 5 and form 6 pupils have been on a sports trip to Holland, the remaining children were treated to an exciting Cross Curricular Week, organised by Mrs Burden.

Tuesday 2nd April: Forest School Day

The pupils enjoyed a few hours in our Forest School area. They practised their knot-making skills, a very crucial survival skill when out in the wild or just faced with shoelaces that seem to come undone every 2 minutes… Fire lighting was the next activity, with Krum clearly being the Lord of the fire. He was excellent with the flint and steel and helped many other pupils. We also talked about the fire triangle when it came to extinguish the fire. A very well deserved marshmallow-roasting-over-an-open-fire-during-a-tremendous-April-hailstorm-session finished the exciting afternoon.

Wednesday 3rd April: Betteshanger Orienteering

The task at Betteshanger Park seemed an easy one: Find your way around a 1-hour track by using a map, a compass and some markers along the way. The children were enthusiastic and ready to go when the heavens burst open and we found ourselves in yet another windy April shower. Despite the challenging weather and the fast dissolving paper which we tried to record our journey on, the children kept their fantastic spirit up and raced on to complete the course. Well done, everyone!

Thursday 4th April: Dover Castle

Blue skies and chilly winds greeted us from the top of the cliffs. Our activities ranged from practising flag signalling skills using the Semaphore system, exploring the Fire Command Post, sketching exhibits, storming the castle in our medieval outfits and exploring the castle keep. The children enjoyed stirring their imaginary soup in huge cauldrons in the castle kitchens, baking bread in the stone oven, being scribes for Henry II or even trying out Henry’s throne. We made an exciting discovery in the Regiment Museum where Matthew Williams, one of our Y5 choristers showed a display of a newspaper article his 6th great grandfather had written as a journalist of the Times during the Crimean War.

Friday 5th April: Margate Beach and Turner Gallery

Another beautiful day! We enjoyed an ice cream on the beach, played in the sand, marvelled at the beautiful view over the sea and wondered it if would have looked similar in Turner’s time. We strolled through Katie Patterson’s exhibition: A place that exists only in moonlight. The children explored the gallery and each settled down in front of their favourite piece to attempt a sketch before we scrambled back to our minibuses to go back to school for lunch and the final line of the term.

This was an extraordinary week of cross-curricular and ‘accidental learning’ opportunities. It was fantastic to see the children so engaged in a huge variety of tasks. A big ‘well done’ to everyone and especially to Mrs Burden for organising it all.

Mrs Thyssen