Roper House Emergency Fundraiser

On Monday 1st April Roper House ran a cake, jam and chutney sale in aid of the Red Cross appeal, which is supporting the victims of Cyclone Idai, which devastated the coastal countries of South-East Africa two weeks ago.

More than 2.8 Million of people in Mozambique, Malawi and Zimbabwe have been affected. Cyclone Idai destroyed almost everything in its path, worsened through the devastating floods following in its wake. Houses, livelihoods, crops have been destroyed. For many people the only way to save themselves was to climb trees.

The International Red Cross managed to get one truck into the harbour in Beira, carrying resources and tools to make shelters. The World Food Programme has been trying to get food supplies in and is organising airdrops to stranded people.

“Where there was land, there’s now sea. The city of Beira itself is completely cut off. It’s really an island now in the ocean,” said Matthew Cochrane of The Red Cross, adding that an emergency appeal had been launched to raise money to provide mostly shelter, basic food and clean water.

Children, parents and staff of the Junior School responded to this appeal in a very generous way. We raised £235.80, which will be topped up to £300 with money from Mrs King’s charity tuck shop and the Lower School Fairtrade tuck shop.

Thank you to everyone who supported this very urgent and important event!