Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

On Friday 10th May, 16 Middle Fifth pupils took part in their assessed Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Expedition. They started their morning by planning their route from Garlinge Green back to school, as well as packing their bags to be self sufficient for two days. Many surprised themselves by fitting their belongs, a roll mat and a tent into their bags along with all of their food for the two days.

Once packed, all three groups set off from their first checkpoint with a positive and energetic attitude. During the 6 hour walk each group was checked at different points and it was noticeable how they all managed to keep up their positive group dynamics. Although one group admitted to getting a little lost, they still managed to find their way to camp and learn from their orienteering mistakes.

As with all DofE expeditions, every group said they would be up at the crack of dawn and be on their next walk by 7.00 am. However not one group has managed to do this, as tiredness always sets them back. To the joyous surprise of the teachers, every group was up and ready by 7.30 am with one group leaving at 7.00 am. This is a perfect example of how organised and enthusiastic all of the groups were.

They all showed excellent camp craft skills and were positive and polite throughout, with many members of general public remarking how polite the pupils were in their walk. All three groups even managed to finish their walk and be back at school by 2.00 pm, which is a new record here at St Edmund’s!  Thank you to Mr Anderson, Mr Dawson, Mr Kincaid and Capt.Jones for assessing and supervising each group.

Katherine Howard, Learning Enhancement teacher