Form 3’s Native American Day

On Monday Form 3 had a “Native American” day to celebrate the end of their topic. As the children arrived they were greeted by a class-sized tepee that was going to be their classroom for the afternoon. The morning began with a presentation to their families. The children sang, read and acted most impressively. They talked about some of the work they had learned and proudly showed off their beautiful tunics, beads, hama bead bracelets and headbands as well as all the houses and totem poles they had made. After a quick scene change the audience were treated to Form 3’s version of “The Rainbow Crow”, a story from the Lenape tribe that tells of how the crow got it’s black feathers.

Mrs Swatman and Mrs Stanley we’re so proud of what the class had achieved in just four days! After some refreshments up in the library with their families they then headed down to forest school with Mrs Burden and learned how to make a fire and very patiently toasted some giant marshmallows. The afternoon was spent in the tepee listening to “Grandmother’s Dreamcatcher”, another traditional Native American tale, and making their own dream catchers. After several requests, on Thursday afternoon Form 3 did one more special performance of the play for Form 4 and Dragonflies.