Blog: Year 8 water sports trip to France

This Saturday, 45 Year 8 pupils leave for the French Mediterranean department of Hérault within the region of Languedoc Roussillon, indulging in their traditional end of Junior School water sports activity week. Valras Plage is the Form 8’s stop for the week. Bon voyage!

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The hottest day so far! we all journeyed to a nearby port and enjoyed paddle boarding this morning and raft building where the obvious winners were the girls. But the boys had other opinions (salty losers). Many chants and dances later we were separated into two teams of 11 and we all climbed into one massive paddle board. After three races, we played two lies and one truth, Freda couldn’t grasp the idea of it. Afterwards, we all drove back to camp and had lunch (I say that but really everyone bought pizza and chicken nuggets).

Our next activity was banana boating, it was brilliant. In groups of eight we all sat on a huge yellow boat in the shape of a banana and a speed boat pulled us out to sea and back again. It was pie night and robot wars was our last evening activity. This included one member from each team dressing up in bin bags, helmets, make shift shin pads and shields. Then, they were blindfolded and guided around a maze full of water cups, buckets and balloons. However the person who was being guided needed to throw water devices at other contestants and the driest person at the end won. Lets just say there is a running trend to who is reining victorious. This evening is our last and we have had an amazing time. Thank you to everyone who made it happen. Here’s to the pegs.

By Boris 


The sun has arrived! It was our excursion day today and we had our first outing of the day to a small town called Aigues-Mortes a Medieval walled town on the Camargue, we all went round in groups and blew our euros almost immediately. Freda, Alisha and myself spent our money on:

1 . Ice Cream

2 . Bucket Hats

3 . Overpriced presents for our family

We met with the teachers and instructors at 1.30 pm and we left to go to Grau Tu Roi beach. Many of us swam in the sea, but really we just floated and got chucked around by the waves. Others played rounders, volleyball or just sunbathed. We have been shown a few small shops next to our camp where Mr Hooley buys his sacred chicken and where we get ourselves chocolate I mean salad and vegetables, definitely.

Thank you to our amazing bus drivers Darren and Antony for putting up with our singing and for playing some sick beats. Also to… Mrs Relf, Mr Penn, Mr Buckingham, Mrs Burden, Mr Hooley and the PGL staff for organising this trip and loads of super fun activities. Also to all our parents I know you can’t wait to have us back however, your houses will 100% turn into beaches from the amount of sand gathered in everyone’s shoes, bags and clothes, but seriously thank you for sending us on this trip and we will be back in no time.

By Isabel


This morning, we were all woken by the pouring rain at 7.30 am. We reluctantly got out of our sleeping bags and trudged to breakfast. Afterwards we all picked up our buoyancy aids, helmets and caddies and made our way down to Mimosa beach where our picos (small boats) greeted us. Abi and I were first up, we took it in turns to handle the rudder but after nearly capsizing multiple times the instructor called it a day. Meanwhile, other groups were swimming and playing rounders on the beach. Additionally, Mrs Relf was sitting under an umbrella, watching us attempt to and fail sailing in her many layers of warm clothing.

After lunch we played lots of fun games and now the whole year can shimmy to footloose (to say the least!). Fajitas were for dinner and at the moment I’m watching Alisha thrash Aurielle at a game of table tennis. Tomorrow, the weather is expected to warm up a lot, although this will not affect how much fun we have but it will be nice to have dry clothes!

By Isabel 


This morning there was a lot of wind blowing all the tents, waking us up. We headed straight to breakfast that was delicious, we had croissants and pain au chocolat.

After that we headed to Reals river. This was the abyss. We split into 2 groups each taking turns jumping into the freezing cold river, many people were hesitating to jump, but others were fearless and jumped making a huge ‘SPLASH’ at the bottom.

When we were returning home, we passed the biggest red wine producing region in the world. After a long morning in the water we had a warm lunch, next we went to face our fear of heights, abseiling and rock climbing and were split into two groups again to do the activities.

My group had abseiling first which had you walk down a vertical wall with harnesses and 2 ropes to keep us from falling. Two instructors held our ropes from the top.

After having the comforting feeling of your feet on the floor, we changed from abseiling to rock climbing. The record of getting to the top of the wall was 15 SECONDS. Thomas made it in 16.7 seconds.

Once again we changed groups and our group went to do some problem solving, it’s a LONG story but the solution was to be polite. After that brain muddling problem we played chaos chase with the instructors, this was where everybody was tag. But once someone else has tagged you you’re stuck and can’t move until the person who tagged you got tagged themselves.

In our camp there are other schools from England, which lead to a water fight in the bright sunshine with all the other schools in the court yard. WE WON!

Now we are off to dinner followed by a disco and will fall straight into our beds.

By Charlotte



After dropping off their luggage at the campsite they sat down for an enjoyable, healthy buffet breakfast. Following this, the children were shown their luxury accommodation and were acquainted with their surroundings. This was followed by a 2 minute walk to the beach where they played beach games, swam in the sea, relaxed and had fun. After lunch it was back to the beach for Catamaran, Pico and Feva sailing.  The children then returned to the camp for a hot shower, dinner more beach activities and to finish the night off, a disco giving the children a chance to mingle with the other schools. I think we may have some tired pupils tonight…staff too.