Bridge and Patrixbourne Primary School collaborative art project

During the Lent and Summer terms the Art department has been involved in delivering a collaborative project with Bridge and Patrixbourne Primary School. Mrs Slater-Williams and Mr Filmer devised a project that culminated in the production of a large painted panel that will be on long-term display in the reception area of Bridge and Patrixbourne Primary.  The project started with some drawing workshops delivered by Mr Filmer in the Lent term and then Mrs Slater-Williams and Mr Filmer worked with the pupils at St Edmund’s in the Summer term.  The pupils created continuous line drawings from observation of objects used in each if their subjects.  These drawings were developed using a range of materials and techniques including wire and printmaking.  The original linear drawings were enlarged and the objects cut from MDF.  The pupils painted their MDF shapes then the drawings were projected onto the shapes and linear detail added.  Each object was carefully placed on the large panel to create a vibrant composition.  The final session on 2nd July allowed pupils the opportunity to visit our Art and DT exhibition.  The department has received highly positive feedback from the workshops and we will be delivering the completed panel, ready for installation in September.

Alison Slater-Williams, Director of Art