St Anselm’s Ceramics Masterclass

Following on from our successful EKST collaboration, the Art Department invited Year 10 pupils from St Anselm’s School in Canterbury to a Ceramics masterclass run by our talented teacher, Miss Fountain, report below.

On Tuesday July 2nd a group of very enthusiastic year 10 Art pupils from St Anselm’s enjoyed their first experience of working with clay. They all produced their own individual Grecian pillar, which supported a sculpted head or figure of their own choice. After a series of practical demonstrations, pupils were introduced to correct joining procedures and learnt a variety of different construction techniques including slab building and modelling. They experimented with different decorative effects by carving into the clay surface and using wooden tools and pressing items before applying a contrasting coloured slip to achieve a variation of tone.  Pupils were very creative and finished models included a pug dog, dragons head and Donald Duck face as well as a sleeping cow amongst a bed of roses!

Miss Fountain, Ceramics teacher