Arrangements for A-Level results day

I am sure that you have highlighted Thursday 15th August on your family calendar as A level results day and that you would appreciate some information about the process.

Results envelopes will be available from 9.30am for collection.  Students, parents or guardians can collect the results slips from School Reception.  If you, a guardian or your son or daughter cannot come into School, you can ask a relative or friend to pick up the results for you.  However, this is only possible if the person collecting the envelope provides a note signed by the student concerned.  Uncollected envelopes will be posted home.  It is also possible for a student or parent to phone Reception to find out their results. If you choose to do this, you will need to be patient as this is a very busy morning.  You need to have your candidate number at hand (a 4 digit number, e.g. 3099) as the staff will not issue results over the phone without this ID check.  It is worth noting that some students may find themselves in the position of knowing that they have been accepted to University before the grades are released, as they can access their UCAS account early on Thursday morning.  

You will probably hear from others about requesting re-marks of papers.  It is important to note that the process has changed significantly and re-marks, or “reviews of marking” as they are more accurately called, are now much less likely to achieve favourable results.  A request for a review of marking must be undertaken through the School via the Examinations Officer, Dr Sotillo.  In the past, many pupils whose marks have been close to a grade boundary have applied for a re-mark in the hope of an increase in overall grade.  However, recent changes introduced by JCQ (the organisation overseeing exams) mean that exam boards will not adjust marks unless there is a clear clerical or procedural error e.g. in counting up total marks.  Academic marking decisions will not be changed. This means that reviews of marking are most likely to come back unchanged.  It is also worth noting that marks can go down as well as up and that if the review results in a lower mark, then the lower mark must be accepted and cannot be changed.  A review of marking is therefore only worth considering if your son or daughter is one or two marks short of the overall grade boundary and must be entered into with a realistic frame of mind and will involve a charge of around £50 per paper.  You can also request the return of a script where it is felt that feedback on a student’s performance will be useful.  This has a charge of around £12 per script.  Requests for reviews of marking and script returns should be made to Dr Sotillo, Examinations Officer, using, please.

Dr Sotillo and myself will be available on results day and the next day to see pupils and parents to give advice concerning UCAS clearing and adjustment.  The best way to contact us is by email.  The UCAS system is very easy to use and students should log in and check on their status before making decisions.  

You are reminded that student St Edmund’s School email addresses will be deleted at the end of August.  Students should ensure that they have an alternative account ready before this time and that they update any website that use the St Edmund’s email address as a username.

I hope that you and your family have a relaxing time between now and results day and that your son or daughter achieves the grades that they deserve.

Charlie Mount, Head of Sixth Form