Junior School Triathlon and Swimming Gala

Swim, Bike, Run

This year’s 15th Triathlon, was once again blessed with perfect conditions, big support and the biggest ever entrance numbers, 147 pupils!

Children from Form 5 to 8 began arriving at 7.30 am at the bike drop, nervous energy already showing. Mrs Relf, event director and competition founder, marshalled the ‘waves’ of competitors ready for Mr Penn to brief the group at 9.00 am whilst Mr Buckingham placed all non-competitors into their course marshalling positions, everybody in the Junior School had a part to play and at 9.15 am after the traditional group warm up we were off.

The atmosphere poolside is always special, and without doubt a unique place to be for the entrants where camaraderie is at its highest and support for all, outstandingly St Edmund’s.

We could dwell on the finer points of this great 3 disciplined event but its brilliance is in its simplicity, no one knows who is really winning and although important to those that do, participation however remains our primary goal in Junior School Sport.

Congratulations to the following pupils: Eliana Rogers-Bricout, Robert Scholer, Taby White, Eddie Florence, Freddie Post, Isla Berry, Joe Morrissey, Ava Giffin, Henry Goodwin, Holly Allom, Zoe Rogers, Henry Vincent, Fergus Mckie and Hugh Gallagher.

Swim, Swim, Swim

The final Junior School sports event came in two parts the day after the Triathlon to complete an exceptionally busy water based couple of days, with the Lower and Upper School swimming galas in our own school pool.

The weather continued to shine and both events saw bumper crowds dancing the day away whilst cheering on all the children in a series of over 150 races. The competition was once again participation based with over 95% of the Junior School pupils swimming for their designated house team, in all of the strokes that had been taught and developed over 6 weeks of the Summer Term and the finale for double points created a magical vibe to complete both galas.

That all said we do have several very competent club swimmers in Marcus Crossman, Max Chessum and Tom Blunt adding a finer touch to proceedings but full praise must go to efforts of our Form 8 girls who stuck to their word and all participated with the spirit in which they have given to sport throughout the year, brilliant, THANK YOU.

Mrs Relf, Mr Penn and Mr Buckingham