Nursery & Pre-Prep

Nursery & Pre-Prep

At St Edmund’s Nursery & Pre-Prep we inspire children to love learning, be creative in everything they do, and be considerate of others.

We are ambitious for our pupils, and provide a kind, caring and supportive environment in which their confidence can grow and their talents thrive. Learning here is dynamic, varied and fun, with children encouraged to be active in lessons – responding to challenges and solving problems.

We offer a year round provision (49 weeks of the year) with early start and late stay available from 7.30am-6pm. For full information on fees please click here.

We also have an active Instagram account for the Nursery & Pre-Prep which will give you an insight into life in our classrooms here.


We have high standards for each child, and work hard to see them achieved. This is no hothouse, however: we seek continuous improvement rather than instant perfection, and we believe that enjoyment, stimulation and the right environment are key to this.

Julia Exley, Head of Nursery & Pre-Prep



In Pre-Prep, teaching follows, but is not limited to, the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum. English and Mathematics are timetabled daily to ensure continuity of progress. Reading is of prime importance, and we work to both develop fluent reading skills and inspire a love of reading.

We take a topic-based approach to covering many areas of the curriculum – for example, Science, Geography, History, Art, Design & Technology and ICT; and children from Reception Class age also receive specialist teaching in French, Music, PE, swimming and Dance. We also want our children to develop the confidence to show their skills in front of others, which they do through ‘show and tell’ before progressing to drama workshops, poetry recital, music festivals, Nativity plays and end of term Chapel services.

Beyond the formal curriculum, children enjoy activities from clubs and trips, to school visitors and working with teachers from the Senior and Junior Schools.

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