In the classroom

Nursery – Ladybird Class

Nursery is a friendly and caring environment in which children take their all-important first steps in school.

We cover the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework using a topic approach, with children learning the basics of phonics and mark making, which are essential for their later education.

Learning in Ladybird Class is about experimenting, investigating, discussing and playing – with great emphasis on fun. Inside, the Nursery comprises two adjoining rooms, one of which is a colourful playroom, and a ‘messy’ room for exploring sand, water, glitter, and other wonderful things. Outside, there is ample space in the garden for running, games, bike riding, climbing and playing on the St Edmund’s model train.

Each day, we celebrate our children, with a ‘Ladybird of the Day’ – chosen at the end of each morning and afternoon session for whoever has learnt a particularly impressive new skill, or been thoughtful and kind.

Nursery day timings are flexible – children can stay for mornings until noon, stay for lunch until 1.30pm, or all day until 3.30pm. Parents can claim government funding for morning sessions.