Nursery, Pre-Prep

School Life

A day at Pre-Prep is a varied one, with plenty of flexibility build in to accommodate the commitments of parents.

Children are welcome to arrive early and stay late, with supervision provided. The school day itself is varied: besides lessons, each day features a school assembly, lunch and snack times, and all-important play times. Children are stimulated, well fed, and have plenty of opportunity to let off steam with their friends.

To view an example lunch menu for Pre-Prep children please click here.

A typical day

8.00am Early Start begins.  Parents are welcome to drop their children off before the school day starts in the Pre-Prep hall to play with their friends, supervised by school staff.
8.30am School day starts. The doors are opened and parents can bring their child into the classrooms. School staff bring children from Early Start to the classroom.
8.40am Assembly.  We have several different types of assembly each week – for instance, Bible stories, PSHEE, Chapel and Celebration Time.
9.00am Lesson Time
10.15am Snack Time
10.30am Play Time.  All the children in Pre-Prep play in the playground together supervised by school staff.
11.00am Lesson Time
12.00noon Lunch Time.  Lunch is served in the school dining hall. A tasty, hot, and healthy meal is provided.
12.45pm Play Time.  All the children in the Pre-Prep play in the playground together supervised by school staff.
1.30pm Lesson Time
3.30pm School Day ends
3.30-5.30pm Late Stay.  Children can be booked into Late Stay if parents are unable to pick them up at 3.30pm. There is an extra charge for this service.