Before and After School Care

Children at St Edmund’s Pre-Prep can benefit from an extended day from 8.00am until 5.30pm if necessary. They are supervised by qualified school staff.

2015_ppEarly Start

Parents can bring their children to the Early Start and Late Stay room from 8.00am. They will be able to choose from chatting with their friends, reading books, completing puzzles, drawing pictures etc. At 8.30am they are accompanied to their classrooms. There is no charge for this service.

Late Stay

hildren will be accompanied from their classrooms to the Early Start and Late Stay room at 3.30pm. A wonderful variety of activities is on offer for children to experience such as role-play, art and design, construction toys, outside play, cooking, storytelling or they can just relax on the cushions in the book corner if they wish. Children love the relaxed atmosphere in Late Stay and enjoy the chance to be creative and play with children from other classes.n afterthe arrive they are offered a snack of fruit and biscuits as well as a drink. At approx. 4.45pm they have tea consisting of sandwiches and fruit along with a drink. There is a charge for this service.