Creative Arts


Performing, listening and composing are presented in a creative and vibrant manner.  The emphasis is to develop musicality, enthusiasm and confidence through a variety of topic led practical activities. The children learn to sing confidently, performing on regular occasions in the Pre-Prep Hall, Chapel and Senior School theatre. They play percussion instruments and develop a sense of rhythm and beat, playing individually and as part of larger groups. They learn to appreciate dynamics and texture of sound through listening activities. They have opportunities to see and hear live music with visiting musicians and transition activities with the Junior School.


All Pre-Prep children take part in weekly drama lessons.  Throughout the year there are regular occasions for them to use their drama skills in the Pre-Prep Hall, Chapel and Senior School theatre. Every child takes part in a Nativity play and termly Kic Theatre drama workshops. Years 1 and 2 perform plays based on their topic work in the end of term services in the chapel. Year 2 children also take part in the Little Voices project at the end of the Summer Term, singing, dancing and acting alongside children from other local schools.

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Children are given many opportunities to learn about a variety of artists, explore different techniques and media and create masterpieces of their own. All classes have teacher led art activities where skills are taught as well as creation areas where children can choose to use their own ideas to draw, paint or make.


All children enjoy poetry in the classroom on a regular basis but also have the opportunity to focus on reading, listening to, learning and writing poetry during poetry week which culminates in a recital performance to parents.