Forest School

2013_PP_forest_schoolForest School is an inspirational concept providing learning opportunities for all ages via practical activities in an outdoor environment. This pedagogical approach originated in Scandinavia and has been embraced by the UK in recent years.

St Edmund’s School believes that the broad but distinct ethos of Forest Schooling, which enables all children to undertake small achievable tasks in the ever changing natural environment in order to develop their self-esteem and personal identity, will sit alongside and further promote its own teaching and learning ethos.

Nursery School children at St Edmund’s Pre-Prep School have the opportunity to be involved in Forest School sessions in the school’s beautiful extensive grounds, where they learn using the wide diversity of stimuli in an ever changing environment.  The sessions are run by a fully qualified Advanced Forest School Leader who is accompanied by supporting staff.  2013_PP_forest_school

Since becoming a fully accredited Forest School, observations have shown that the benefits to St Edmund’s pupils include:

  • Awareness of the natural environment and what we can do together, and individually, to protect it.
  • Social development demonstrated with the children working incredibly well during tasks, helping each oher and listening to and negotiating ideas to achieve their end goal harmoniously
  • Confidence to try new tasks and to work through challenges independently
  • Development of communication and Language skills, in particular listening skills have further developed with children learning the importance of instructions to keep us safe
  • Motivation and ability to concentrate on both their own explorations and adult-set tasks which has been characterised by a keenness to participate and explore

From Reception Class onward, the pupils continue with outdoor learning sessions lead by the class teacher.