Nursery School

2017_pp_forest school P1140715The Nursery School (Ladybird Class) is a friendly and caring environment that is dedicated to making your child’s first academic step a rich, rewarding and exciting experience. Through play and focused activities children learn the basics of phonics and mark making which are the building blocks of later learning. The Nursery School is set out over two adjoining rooms and a garden area. Inside there is a large colourful, stimulating playroom full of exciting resources and a ‘messy’ room for exploring sand, water,  playdough, glitter and other wonderful things. Outside there is a large space for running, ball games, a cycle track, climbing tower and role play equipment such as the popular St Edmund’s train.

Learning is through playing, experimenting, investigating and discussion. Different topics are planned, always starting from children’s own experiences and covering the Prime and Specific areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. Everyone’s contribution is valued as the children travel on their voyage of discovery. As the children play, their learning is supported by warm, caring and experienced staff.

FO3A8880wThe Nursery School day timings are flexible to meet the needs of the children. Children can stay for mornings until 12.00pm, stay for lunch until 1.30pm or all day until 3.30pm. Parents can claim government funding for the morning sessions in the Nursery.

At the end of each morning and afternoon session a “Ladybird of the day” is chosen. This award celebrates a child who has had a “Wow” moment, been kind or thoughtful or learnt a new skill. A special hat is made for them to wear and take home.

The Nursery School children regularly visit the Reception Class to become familiar with the room, resources and staff. This helps to build up each child’s confidence and provide a seamless transition for them in September.

Parents are always welcome to come in for a chat or to look at their child’s work and encouraged to be part of their child’s education.