Lunches are provided for the school by caterers, Holroyd Howe, and are served by a cheerful, friendly and dedicated staff.  All food is prepared on site, and the company has a policy of providing, as far as is possible, fresh food that is sustainable and locally sourced.

There is a choice of a meat or meat-free main course, with a suitable, usually fresh, vegetable accompaniment.  Salad and bread are also offered. To follow, there is a choice of hot or cold desserts, or, for a lighter end to the meal, pupils may have jelly, fresh fruit salad, a piece of fresh fruit or home-made yoghurt.

At morning snack time Nursery children are provided with a snack of fruit, bread and crackers but all other classes provide their own healthy snack. All children have access to water throughout the day.

In the afternoon the school provides fruit, milk and water for all the children if they require it.

Almost all diets can be catered for, either for cultural, medical or religious reasons.  Our Catering Manager is always happy to discuss your child’s particular requirements. Holroyd Howe has a ‘no nuts’ policy that ensures that those with severe nut allergies are not compromised.