2016_PP_dsc01276The Pre-Prep School sees the very start of the St Edmund’s sporting journey. Pupils are taught by specialists and use the school’s excellent facilities, such as the all-weather pitch, sports hall and playing fields. The children are encouraged to be as active as possible during PE lessons and at playtimes. They develop skills such as balance, coordination, agility and speed as well as games play, gymnastic and athletic activities. Building confidence and improving performance are primary aims whilst creating a fun, challenging and exciting environment in which the children feel comfortable.   Pupils learn the vital life skills of listening, sharing, turn taking and team work, forming positive habits to take through to the Junior School.

Pupils will have the chance to take part in football, basketball and hockey activities, improving their hand/eye/foot coordination. They learn to play small sided games which aim to develop their spatial awareness and knowledge of what an invasion games entails.

PE lessons also include dance and swimming.

The annual Sports Day is an exciting event which brings the Pre-Prep children together to show off their sports skills to family and friends.