Year 2

The Year 2 class (Dragonflies) are encouraged to work, learn and achieve through well planned and ambitious lessons. Teaching is creative and enthusiastic with time being given to every child so they can be supported to reach their targets. Good positive behaviour is promoted, thoughtfulness and exemplary manners are encouraged and effort and good citizenship are equally rewarded.

pp_2017_USATalk 016Work is planned, following the National Curriculum, around themes which inspire and allow children to extend themselves giving them the skills to begin to research historical, geographical and scientific information for themselves. Writing skills are extended using drama and artefacts as initial stimuli. Children are encouraged to check their own work to spot mistakes and redraft if necessary. Reading skills are developed with a focus on comprehension. The basics of Mathematics are consolidated and extended through word problems and challenging investigations.

Year 2 undertake trips to enhance their topic work along with a wide variety of resources. Guest speakers and visitors also extend the children’s knowledge and skills including local artists, Senior School staff and parents.

The children also experience a variety of lessons taught by specialist teachers such as French, Swimming, PE, Music and Performing Arts. They have the opportunity each week to visit the ICT suite in the Junior School.

This year it is important to prepare the children for moving to the Junior School. Throughout the year joint activities with Year 3 are planned such as Design and Technology projects, playtimes, reading to each other and sharing lunchtimes. The Year 2 staff liaise with Year 3 teachers closely to ensure a smooth transition for the children.

Children are encouraged to play a musical instrument and currently, children are learning the piano, recorder, violin and the drums.