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Exam Results 2020

This page is designed to support St Edmund’s pupils through the examination results process. We realise that recent developments will be causing concern for pupils and parents. Be assured that our team is available to help with any issues that arise.


Exam results Dr Sotillo, Director of Studies
UCAS Mr Symaka, UCAS Office
UCAS Mr Mount
Emergency number Mr O’Connor, Head 07976 529620


Results will be available in school as follows:

A Level: Thursday 13th August from 930am
GCSE: Thursday 20th August from 930am

Collection arrangements:

Results envelopes will be available from 9.30am for collection in person. Students, parents or guardians can collect the results envelope from Dr Sotillo, or a senior member of School staff, at the reception desk which will be set up outside, either on or by the colonnade, depending on the weather. We recommend that you stagger your arrival, where possible, and ask that you be patient and adhere to social distancing rules, especially if you need to wait in a queue for results. If you, a guardian or your son or daughter cannot come into School, you can ask a relative or friend to pick up the results for you. However, this is only possible if the person collecting the envelope provides a note signed by the student concerned. Refreshments (coffee, tea) will be available; again, please respect social distancing measures and queue responsibly.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to attend in person, you have two further options:

It is possible for a student or parent to telephone Reception to find out their results. If you choose to do this, you will need to be patient as this is a very busy morning. You need to have your candidate number to hand (a 4 digit number, e.g. 3099) as the staff will not issue results over the phone without this ID check.

Finally, it will also be possible this year to request that exam results are emailed. We do not yet have an automated system for this so there will inevitably be a short delay while we respond to your request. Please email ( from the address to which you would like your results sent. We will then ‘reply’ to this email and attach your exam results. It is important that we receive this direction from the pupil concerned, please, as it is their data which we will be sending out.

Uncollected envelopes will be posted home to the address we have on our school system.


If you wish to appeal against your awarded grades, you must inform Dr Sotillo by email as soon as possible. You cannot make appeals to the examination boards yourself. These need to be done by the school on your behalf.

The grounds for appeal are limited:

Ofqual originally said that there will be an opportunity to challenge the result, but only on the grounds of process, i.e. that there was a clerical error in entering the grade, either by the School or the exam board. It will not be possible to challenge the outcome of the standardisation process undertaken by the exam boards, other than in exceptional circumstances, nor the Centre Assessment Grade entered by the School (unless there was a clerical error).

However, in a statement issued on 11th August, the DfE said students “could receive the higher result out of their calculated grade, valid mock grade, or autumn exam grade”. Therefore, if your mock grade was higher than your CAG, this could form the basis for an appeal. We will have mock grades available on results for students to double check.

Given the extraordinarily last minute nature of this change by the government, details have yet to be provided. We will keep this page updated as and when more information becomes available.

Any pupil who is unhappy with their final grade also has the option of sitting actual examination papers in the Michaelmas term. The exam timetable for these exams has now been published. The exam entry deadline is not far away – the exams themselves will take place in October – so if this is likely to be an option you wish to consider then please do discuss this with Dr Sotillo as a matter of some urgency.



St Edmund’s staff will be available on Results Day (and thereafter) to support students with university or clearing issues. Contact details are above.