Skills and Service Programme

interact for websireSt Edmund’s is proud to offer a Skills and Service Afternoon programme once a week for all pupils in the Senior School and Sixth Form.  This timetabled session is compulsory and we encourage pupils to choose from a large variety of options which encourage young people to look beyond themselves and offer something back to either the school or local community.

Our pupils greatly enjoy the opportunity to reach beyond the academic timetable and to enrich their co-curricular lives.  They also find that this particular element of their schooling is prized highly by universities and often forms part of discussion at interviews for tertiary education and work experience alike.  We strongly believe that the Skills and Service Afternoon provides for our young men and women not only a taste of what may lay in store in the working world but also equips them with the relevant skills to work with others, speak in public or organise events.

2014_SS_WW1 DebatePupils have the choice of options including Community Service in the workplace, Jazz Jam with the Big Band, Interact (the school’s charity committee), Dance, Mindfulness, Practical Electronics or they can join the Debating Society, the Fairtrade Society or can elect to partake in one of the school’s outreach ventures (in Science, Humanities and Languages).

Skills and Services options sheet


The school would like to hear from local businesses who would be interested in offering a voluntary work placement to a pupil as part of our Community Service programme.  For further information,  please contact Mr Leigh Millard at