Dining Hall & Meals

2013_Dining_hall_serveryMeals of all kinds – breakfast, lunch, supper, sports teas, bedtime snacks – are provided for the school by our caterers, Holroyd Howe, and are served by a cheerful, friendly and dedicated staff.  All food is prepared on site, and the company has a policy of providing, as far as is possible, fresh food that is sustainably and locally sourced.

Boarders (and those choosing to do enrichment activities on Saturday mornings) can enjoy a breakfast of cereals, toast, croissants, yoghurts and fruit as well as a changing hot option such as bacon and eggs or, in winter, porridge.

2013_Dining_hallLunches can be tailored to preference and to appetite.  Each day a freshly made soup is on offer.  Main courses offer a choice of a meat or meat-free centrepiece, with a suitable, usually fresh, vegetable accompaniment.  If this fails to please, there is pasta with a daily changing sauce, or jacket potatoes with beans.  A further option is the salad bar: a choice of protein items can be accompanied by any or all of a range of seven or eight salad sides.  To follow, there is a choice of hot or cold desserts, or, for a lighter end to the meal, pupils may have jelly, fresh fruit salad, a piece of fresh fruit or home-made yoghurt.

Boarders’ supper is served in the evening, and is available for day pupils who have a late evening commitment if it is pre-booked.  Again, there are hot meat based and vegetarian dishes, with salad as an alternative, and a dessert to choose from. The supper menus can be downloaded below.

Supper Menu Week 1          Supper Menu Week 2        Supper Menu Week 3

Almost all diets can be catered for, either for cultural, medical or religious reasons.  Our Catering Manager is always happy to discuss your child’s particular requirements. Holroyd Howe has a “no nuts” policy that ensures that those with severe nut allergies are not compromised.

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