Computer Science

2012_SS_ICTComputer Science is an exciting subject, often entirely new to pupils, and involves understanding electronic logic gates, calculations in binary and hexadecimal, as well as understanding databases and networks.

Computer Science is an optional GCSE subject that includes the teaching of:

  • Programming in Python – Pupils use an interactive development environment to learn to program in Python, a scripting language. 
  • Linux – Linux is similar to the Unix operating system used by companies such as Apple and Google.  


At GCSE level, the Department’s objectives are:

  • To provide opportunities for pupils to analyse, design, implement and document software for use by others
  • To develop pupils’ own problem-solving skills through the use of information systems
  • To foster pupils’ technical understanding of computer interfaces
  • To encourage pupils to understand the wider applications and effects of information technology

The Computer Science Department is staffed by a subject specialist with experience in international commerce, and who brings practical experience to the teaching of Computer Science.  The school has two well-resourced IT rooms.

For full details, please see The Right Course.