Design & Technology

2012_SS_Design TechnologyDesign & Technology is a subject of increasing relevance in this era of emphasis on design and on technological advances.  Understanding the basic principles of good design, the ways in which people interact with it, and the inter-relationship between function and form is an increasingly marketable skill; one which requires not only creativity and practicality, but also academic and intellectual capability.

The study of Technology allows pupils to engage with rapidly changing technologies and provides opportunities to consider the environment in which they live. St Edmund’s teaches the skills necessary for success in a broad-based way up to the end of L5 (Year 9), after which pupils may choose to continue to GCSE in either Food Preparation and Nutrition or in Product Design.

At GCSE, the Department’s objectives are:

  • To gain an understanding and to develop skills in the design and making of products
  • To develop awareness of the principles of good design within modern society
  • To foster the ability to solve problems, to analyse and to evaluate in order to produce an effective solution
  • To provide a solid foundation of skills to facilitate a smooth transition to the study of Product Design at A-level

Further details of the GCSE courses can be found in The Right Course.

The subject is taught by highly qualified specialist teachers in well resourced accommodation.  The Department is proud to showcase the projects and designs of its pupils in the annual Art and Design Technology Exhibition at the end of the year.