2013_SS_GeographyGeography is the study of the earth – its physical characteristics, its people, its environment and the societies which inhabit it. These are, of course, all inter-dependent, and the subject emphasises the connections and inter-relationships.

The subject is taught compulsorily to the end of the Lower Fifth year (year 9), and then optionally at GCSE and A-level.  The classroom teaching encompasses a wide range of approaches and activities.  There is an emphasis on the practical aspects of the subject:  all year groups are involved with fieldwork activities which may be local or involve travel to observe “in the wild” key physical geographical features.

At GCSE, the Department’s objectives are:

  • To foster and develop an interest in Geography that will continue to give pleasure and reward into adult life
  • To stimulate interest in, and a sense of awe and wonder about, places by developing pupils’ natural curiosity about their world and an awareness of the dynamic natural forces that operate at a variety of different scales
  • To help pupils towards a better understanding and appreciation of different physical environments and how humankind uses, abuses and changes them, and of the inter-relationships between human and physical processes
  • To teach skills for the acquisition and communication of ideas and knowledge, particularly those concerned with the collection of primary data through fieldwork investigations, and to develop Transferable skills of ICT, problem-solving, entrepreneurship, data presentation, analysis, critical thinking and evaluation
  • To prepare students for roles as global citizens of the 21st century through developing their awareness of the complexities of inter-dependence
  • To encourage pupils to become responsible members of their own community, encouraging respect and tolerance of different cultures and lifestyles throughout the world
  • To foster concepts of environmental and human sustainability

For further details of the course content and structure, see The Right Course.

The Department is staffed by specialist geographers with a wide experience of teaching their subject, about which all are passionate.