music websiteAlongside the many extra-curricular activities offered by the Music Department, the formal study of Music is compulsory for pupils up to and including Lower Fifth (Year 9).  Up to this point the course is broad and inclusive, aiming to provide pupils with a critical framework from which to evaluate and appreciate Music of all genres.   The optional GCSE course provides a more detailed and demanding opportunity to gain insight into musical structure and styles. Creativity can be exercised both in practical performance on an instrument and in ensembles, and in composing original works.

At GCSE, the Department’s objectives are:

  • To encourage students to be inspired, moved and challenged by following a broad, coherent, engaging course of study
  • To enable students to understand and appreciate a range of different styles of music, including Western Classical Music, World Music and Jazz and Rock genres
  • To develop broader musical skills and attributes, including looking forward to the more analytical skills required at A-level and theoretical areas that may be required to support GCSE and wider musical studies
  • To encourage students to become widely involved in practical music making, both on their own instruments and as part of one of the school’s many ensembles

The Department is staffed by highly qualified teachers, equally proficient individually as accomplished solo musicians.  In addition, 30 Visiting Music Teachers provide specialist individual tuition on a wide range of instruments from beginners to Grade 8, diploma standard and beyond.

Further details of the syllabus and the course structure can be found in The Right Course.