Physical Education

Day3210The school’s Physical Education programme encourages pupils to acquire knowledge of the relationship between care of the body, well-being and an active and healthy lifestyle.  All pupils in the school are expected to take part in physical activity as a normal part of the working week.  In the younger age groups, PE and Games sessions concentrate on the acquisition of basic practical skills; the more senior pupils enjoy a range of options of activities, from formal team sports to individual work in the gym.  The school plays competitive sports at all levels with schools in the Kent area, and there are many opportunities for keen sportsmen and women to participate in extra-curricular sports.

The formal study of Physical Education as an academic discipline is an option offered at both GCSE and A-level, where the pupils are credited not only for their acquisition of sports related skills, but also for their deep understanding of the principles underlying the development of those skills, knowledge of the biomechanics of the body with which sportsmen and women need to engage, and an appreciation of the historical context within which the current sporting world sits.

These academic courses are not only of relevance to those who are ambitious individual sportsmen and women (though sporting skill is a prerequisite), but also to those interested in the skills of coaching, or who would like to know more about human anatomy and physiology.

2015_ss_hockeyAt GCSE, the Department’s objectives are:

  • To introduce pupils to the elements that make up a healthy and active lifestyle
  • To examine the constraints and pressures that can have an adverse effect on a person’s participation in sporting activities
  • To enable pupils to reach their potential in a wide range of sports as performer, leader or official
  • To prepare pupils thoroughly for all aspects of assessment tasks
  • To generate pupils’ interest not only in their current course, but also to foster the desire to pursue further study in this subject