2013_SS_SpanishIn this age of cosmopolitan travel, the facility of fluency in a second language is a great enrichment, giving access not only to the language and culture of another country, but in addition a greater insight into English itself.  The Spanish language is one with a very wide (and expanding) global range, as well as being one with a rich literary heritage.

Spanish is offered as an option in Lower Fifth (Year 9) with no expectation that pupils have any previous knowledge of Spanish.  Despite this apparently late start, pupils who continue the subject to GCSE have a very strong track record of success: the timescale is more than adequate to secure the necessary mastery of vocabulary, syntax and grammar.

Teaching at GCSE uses a wide range of approaches.  There is much emphasis on speaking and listening, but these are underpinned by a proper attention to structure, grammar and writing.  Classes are lively, and pupils are engaged.  The Department’s Spanish specialists are experienced teachers who are demanding and understanding.

At GCSE, the Department seeks to:

  • Foster the enjoyment of language learning and promote it as a meaningful activity in today’s world
  • Encourage pride in successful linguistic achievement
  • Promote understanding and appreciation of the cultures and ways of life in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries
  • Ensure that pupils achieve their full potential in public examinations

For full details of the course structure and content, see The Right Course.