Academic Enrichment

The school offers a comprehensive Academic Enrichment Programme to enable Sixth Formers to develop their range of intellectual interests and explore learning opportunities beyond those provided the regular curriculum.

We want the St Edmund’s School community to consist of intellectually curious, fair minded, creative thinkers.  As our former pupil, the novelist Lawrence Durrell wrote, “I imagine, therefore I belong and I am free”. 

Lunchtime Lectures

CuriosityShop_RGBOur successful Curiosity Shop lunchtime lecture programme brings in leading academics and professionals to talk on a range of non-curricular academic topics.  Recently we have heard outstanding presentations on a huge range of topics including:

  • Chaos Explained: Mathematics in Action
  • 50:50 Parliament: Gender & Politics
  • Exploring 3D Computer Graphics
  • Antibiotic Resistance
  • The Enigma Machine and the work of Bletchley Park 



The School offers the Extended Project Qualification to Sixth Formers: a structured research qualification which has equivalent status to an AS Level.  Universities recognise the value of independent study in developing research skills and in fostering intellectual curiosity.  Our EPQ programme produces outstanding results every year.  Recent studies undertaken by St Edmund’s students include:

“What is the effect of placental malaria on the pregnant woman and perinatal outcome in Sub-Saharan Africa?”

“Is there a link between creativity and Bipolar Disorder?”

“Are drama students better at concealing deception than non-drama students?”

“How has the performance of the German economy been influenced by the Hartz reforms?”

Educational Visits

BLencathra 2015Our Sixth Formers benefit from an excellent series of educational visits to support their learning and to help develop their own academic interests: the Art Department leads trips to Barcelona and Paris, Classical Civilisation students visit Pompeii, Modern Foreign Languages students go to Switzerland, Historians visit Berlin, Politics students undertake a tour of the Houses of Parliament, Design & Technology students attend London Design Week, Geographers visit Blencathra in the Lake District, Biologists explore the potential of the electron microscope at the University of Kent.  A full list of educational visits organised for Sixth Formers can be found in the Academic Enrichment brochure.

Subject clinics, masterclasses and other opportunities

The school provides numerous opportunities for students to excel academically outside of the classroom: artist workshops and life drawing sessions, subject clinics, musical masterclasses led by professional musicians, the Debating Society, the Literary Society and other similar forums enable our students to develop and refine their own ideas and skills.

Able and Gifted Students

The school has an Able, Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator and a policy designed to monitor, support and enhance the progress of our most talented students.  We seek to stretch and challenge our students through stimulating learning strategies, advice on additional reading, extension work and a plethora of other targeted activities.

Sixth Form Studies Curriculum Book