Elite Athlete Development Programme

Elite Elite ImageThe Elite Athlete Development Program is for all Sports Scholars within Senior School. Sports Scholars receive two additional periods of sport a week before school. One session is a practical period with the specialist sports coach for that term; the other session is strength and conditioning.

Physiological – Pupils receive specialist training in their chosen sport to enable them more time for training and specialist coaching in smaller groups to aid development. This is on top of the normal PE and Games lessons.

Nutrition – Pupils receive nutrition lectures on which food and supplements that will enable them to perform at the best of their ability.

Psychological – Pupils receive lectures on the demands of sport and how they can deal with the pressures of sport and enable them to thrive in high pressure scenario.

2017_ss_sport_hockey generalStrength and Conditioning – Pupils receive 1 hour a week of strength and conditioning, this is run by our partners at community gyms. This session is led by fully qualified strength and conditioning coaches and focuses on developing the whole athlete including cardiovascular endurance, strength, and power alongside injury management.

The expectation of a Sports Scholar is to be a leading performer in their chosen sport and be an example for the rest of their year group to aspire to. They are also expected to attend all Elite Athlete Development Program Sessions, school practices and matches they are selected for to represent the school.