Business Studies

2013_ss_sixth_formThe world of business is one that is of great importance to a developed economy.  The history of  business  is the story not only of highly successful companies of all scales and sizes, but of entrepreneurs with grand ideas who have gone bankrupt, not for want of inspiration and innovation, but from a basic lack of understanding of the principles underpinning the effective operation of business.  Watch “Dragon’s Den” and you will see! Anyone involved in the strategic operation of a business needs the ability to read and to interpret key operational indicators, to interpret and act on data to allow informed evolution in terms of scale and efficiency, and to appreciate the factors influencing the environment within which it is operating.  Business Studies, currently offered at St Edmund’s as an A-level subject, seeks to build these skills.  The successful Business Studies student will have a good understanding of basic Mathematics and will be able to handle simple arithmetic processes with confidence, and will also have the ability to write fluently and analytically.

The department’s objectives are:

  • To equip pupils with a broad knowledge of both business operations and the wider business world
  • To maximise the grade outcomes for each and every pupil, regardless of ability

The department is run by a teacher who not only has first-hand experience of running a business himself, but who also boasts a long track record of A-level success.