Economics wEconomics provides an absorbing insight into some of the most important factors that influence the modern world – its affluence, its standards of living, and its politics. It is an academically rigorous subject that requires a combination of skills, from logical analysis, to mathematical competence to the skills of constructing a reasoned and articulate argument.

Economics is a lively subject offering plenty of scope for opinion and conjecture alongside its factual core. Anyone who reads the quality newspapers will be exposed to a range of economic arguments on a daily basis. As recent events have made only too apparent, Economics is not a subject where all the answers are already known. The subject is continuously developing and evolving, a perfect challenge for the intellectually curious.

Understanding Economics requires a good level of numeracy at A-level.  Students must be able to interpret and understand economic information, whether in its raw form or as graphs and tables.  They must identify trends, and explain these using economic theory. This requires a clear mind and an ability both to think logically and to write good quality English.

At A-level, the department’s objectives are:

  • To develop in pupils a broad but deep understanding of economic theory
  • To equip pupils with the skills required to develop their own understanding of developments in markets and the economy at the national level