Film Studies

Film Studies wArt and humanities subjects begin with a desire to understand the human condition.  For centuries, literature has provided the source material for reflection on what it means to be human.  While literature continues to enlighten us, for some time film has provided a visual alternative.  Films help to deepen our moral sensibility, and to shape our self-understanding, sometimes by moving us closer to cultures, problems and realities that are distant from those we know well.  Film not only offers a narrative construction similar to literature, it also provides an audio-visual journey for the senses, which mirrors our experience of modern life.

Film Studies is offered at A-level only, for those who are interested in film, as a text, and also in learning more about the creative construction of narratives and story telling.  The course offers an opportunity to study something new, varied in scope and curriculum.

The key departmental objectives in teaching Film Studies are:

  • To offer an exciting cross-curricular link between other subjects within an A Level portfolio, such as English, Theatre Studies, Psychology, History and foreign languages
  • To provide exclusive analytical opportunities which are topical and make us rethink our positions and responsibilities in a global society
  • To engage in the creative filmmaking or script writing process, unique to film study and interpretation