Government and Politics

parliamentAre you interested in how society works? Do you worry about how well are your rights are protected? Do you want to know where the power lies in modern Britain? Would you like to draw comparisons between different political ideas and systems?

If so, maybe A Level Government and Politics is for you.  Politics is a living subject: it is constantly changing and developing.  As you read this page, politicians are making decisions that will impact significantly on your future life. Perhaps, you should find out more about them…

The Politics course focuses on the institutions and processes of the British and American systems (with reference to other countries and European Union), encouraging candidates to identify points of contrast and comparison and critique political ideas.

Studying Politics at A level will develop your critical thinking and argumentative skills. It will also encourage you to write in a focused and coherent way, relating abstract ideas and political ideologies to the real world. It is excellent preparation for any Arts or Humanities degree.

We follow the AQA Government and Politics syllabus.