spanish flagIn this age of cosmopolitan travel, the facility of fluency in a second language is a great enrichment, giving access not only to the language and culture of another country, but in addition a greater insight into English itself.  The Spanish language is one with a very wide (and expanding) global range, as well as being one with a rich literary heritage.

Pupils who have been successful in GCSE Spanish may continue to study the language further to A-level.  Much use is made in lessons of the target language, and pupils become confident and fluent in their listening, writing and oral skills.

Where possible, visits to Spain to enjoy the language and culture at first hand are arranged.  Functioning effectively with native speakers who may respond in an unpredictable way to a question is a bigger challenge than keeping to the script in class!

At A-level, department objectives include:

  • Developing a love of the Spanish language through a greater understanding of its grammatical structures
  • Promoting the diversity and richness of the different cultures of the Spanish speaking world
  • Developing pupils’ linguistic skills to a level where they are able to discuss in Spanish some of the issues society faces today
  • Providing the raft of skills necessary to ensure linguistic success in public examinations

The well-resourced department is staffed by two Spanish specialists with a fine track record of academic and teaching success.

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