Saturday Morning Programme

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The Senior School operates an exciting and diverse Saturday morning programme which is popular with all boarders and which is accessed voluntarily by a sizeable proportion of day pupils for whom the programme is optional.  A wide range of enjoyable, yet educational, activities and courses are offered on a half termly basis and pupils from all year groups enjoy having breakfast and lunch together at the beginning and each end of the session.

Options change each half term and the school is keen for day pupils to come along and sample what is on offer to see if it is for them.  Recently, options available have been International Cuisine, Maths in Practice, Geology, Short Stories and Poetry, Learn to be a Screenwriter, Photoshop Design Project, Open Sport (featuring a range of sports options), Open Music, Open Art, and Research and Personal Study.

Pupils who attend feel that they have spent their Saturday morning in an interesting and productive manner, and they find that, when they return to the classroom on Monday morning, they are ready for the week ahead with their energy levels high and their academic preparation complete.

Link to timetable for 2019-20

Snapshot of Activities