Sixth Form

Academic life

In the Sixth Form, we encourage students to develop intellectual autonomy and creativity through discussion and problem solving, without ever losing our focus on examination success.

During 2018-19, 29% of A-levels taken at the school were passed at grades A – A*, of which we are especially proud.

We offer a wide choice of A-level subjects, with each pupil designing their own timetable and so flourishing in their own way – curious; independent; and ready for university, drama school, conservatoire, or for the world of work.

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Each pupil has a personal tutor, and small class sizes mean that lessons are more like university tutorials. Pupils dissect complex concepts and initiate debates informed by their own independent research, and the relationship with the teacher shifts as this becomes central to their learning. However, we continue to monitor academic progress closely and guide and support pupils as required.


Parent Voice

“Every teacher that I spoke to was enthusiastic and willing to stretch themselves to accomplish the task of tapping my son’s potential.” St Edmund’s Parent