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Crickets sensory walk in Whitstable

As part of their topic work, the Cricket class (Year 1) excitedly set off on a cold and frosty Thursday morning to Whitstable on a sensory walk.

They looked at beautifully decorated shop windows and visited a number of local shops to explore their senses. In the fabric shop their used their sense of touch and sight to look for buttons, braiding and materials. The children watched materials being measured and paid for them at the till. In the sweet shop, Honey Kanes, Sarah helped the children use their knowledge of numbers to weigh out different amounts of sweets. There were so many colours and textures. There were many types of hand decorated chocolates too. In the florists, Jane at Graham Greener, the children were shown different types of flowers, foliage and spices used to make wreaths and bouquets. They selected different flowers to buy, handled Christmas decorations and smelt candles. The next shop to visit was the Cheesebox. Entering the shop, Tom greeted us with different cheeses to taste and smell. We chose cheeses we liked the taste of to bring back to school. Our final destination was the Beach Café, where we warmed up by drinking mugs of hot chocolate and talking about our walk.

Back at school, we shared the different foods we had bought on our trip and wrote a recount of the morning. What a great experience to use our senses!