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Academic Life

Academic Life

Our mission in the Junior School is to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, creative thinkers and world leaders; to foster in all a love of learning that runs deep.

Our curriculum is broad and flexible and allows every child the room to express themselves and face new and enlivening experiences: the nuance and beauty of modern art, the rousing crescendos of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, the chance to play team sports on a twice-weekly basis or the journey of self-discovery through their favourite books. Pupils learn to solve problems, develop new perspectives and, through creativity, to influence how others think, feel or live their lives.

At St Edmund’s we teach beyond the prescribed curriculum, thereby broadening the intellectual horizons of our pupils. Extensive information is held on every child as they progress through the Junior School, allowing us to set targets and ensure the best possible outcomes for all of our children. Co-curricular activities and clubs form another important facet of Junior School life, and there is an extensive range to choose from covering all areas of life from animal husbandry to Minecraft.

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Our teachers are subject experts and consistently deliver high-quality lessons to all. We recruit a variety of staff members from across the 2-18 school to implement our bespoke curriculum. Our passion is to nurture a love of learning in all and to help our remarkable and passionate children reach their goals and achieve what they never thought possible.

Alex Ward
Deputy Head