St Edmund's



At St Edmund’s School we believe that the accumulation of knowledge, behaviours, and skills that young people can draw upon, and which demonstrate their cultural awareness, knowledge and competence, is key to a successful future in society and the workplace.

We invite our pupils to delve deeper into the subjects they enjoy most and embrace activities which will enhance their normal curriculum studies.

A Super-Curriculum is essentially a range of activities that is pursued outside of normal schoolwork and is related to a student’s interests. For example, a pupil interested in History might attend a lecture about ‘Kent Through the Ages’, or read a book about the Tudors; a Biology student might take part in the British Biology Olympiad, or enjoy listening to the New Scientist podcast every week.

Take a look through the exciting range of Super-Curricular opportunities on the tabs below.

There are hundreds of exciting options to choose from, including competitions, virtual tours, podcasts, documentaries, books, magazines, websites, exhibitions, lectures and more!

Anya Bensberg

Deputy Head (Educational Development